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Handfuls of Flight

Sandhill cranes have been a motif in my work for a few years now. Initially they appeared in my work after a classmate, John, suggested I use migratory birds for … Continue reading

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New Steps In The Repertoire: Shall We Dance?

In the Foil Imaging class currently underway, I am the teaching assistant. I love teaching something fierce. LOVE IT. I do some demos on my own, help set up the … Continue reading

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Metal Casting: 1st & 2nd projects

This is the very start of the project. This is the middle. After sprueing, the jades were invested, and then burned out, and then cast in a centrifugal casting machine. … Continue reading

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Humility Is Annealing

I relish helping people and problem-solving, and my day job involves both. I like being of useful service, and I’ve been reminding myself of recent times I have been. The … Continue reading

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Freeform Commitments

I am having a blast. I made a decision over the summer to drastically cut back on my art commitments. I just needed a period of time that was more … Continue reading

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Iowa Arts Festival — next weekend!

I am going to be part of the Iowa Arts Festival in Iowa City next week! They have an Emerging Artist Pavilion, which allows me to participate without cost. I’m … Continue reading

May 31, 2014 · 1 Comment

Adventures in Stenciling

Been working on an edition for a portfolio exchange. This first step involves stenciling acrylic medium onto Arches 88. The stencil is Mylar, of cranes in a pattern reminiscent of … Continue reading

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